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Five Kinds Of Hot Sale Watches In 2018
Apr 27, 2018

Looking ahead, what styles of watches will become hot products?

          2016 Geneva silicone wristwatches, LED watches, bracelet watches, and fine watches were all very popular. In 2017, the fashionable and functional products were more popular with consumers. Semi-smart watches with smart features are expected to become "new favorite watches" in 2018. Such as:

Comtex Watch.jpg

    (1) Round dial silicone watch: as the name suggests, the shape is mainly round, this type of watch has more common fans,with cheaper and affordable prices, concise apperance and more prominent practicality .

DIY cute cartoon watch.jpg

    (2) Personalized DIY square watches: To be personal, unique is an important element that cannot be acquired. This type of watch is based on cartoon characters and cute patterns, and is rich in romantic art style.

Comtex Business Watch.jpg

     (3) Precise and steady commercial style watches: There is no doubt that the watch is the best “partner” for many business people to wear. However, the high price positioning of such watches can not only highlight calmness and wisdom, but also have practicality. This has become a favorite of many offices or leadership.

lady jewlley wristwatch.jpg

     (4) Jewellery-type watches: These watches are more popular with female consumers. The main features are the matching of dressing, timing supplement, and decorative effects more prominent.

Comtex multifunctional sports watch.jpg       (5) Multifunction watches: For example, with a GPS function, with a diving waterproof function and combined with sports, smart bracelet and so on.

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