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Hong Kong Technology Company Launches Watch Wristband Mobile Payment
Nov 16, 2018

As more and more stores accept touch-free payments for smart watches and mobile phones, consumers are beginning to get used to online payments. Banks now have another option: Hong Kong-based Tappy Technologies has developed a battery-free biometric payment authentication system that can be placed in a watch strap, effectively turning the strap into a secure credit card or loan. Card.

The company has established payment partnerships with the People's Bank of China, Barclay's Bank of the United States and two banks in India, as well as providing solutions for companies such as Timex, GUESS and Suto. Tappy CEO Wayne Leung said: "The highly sophisticated algorithm ensures that our unique biometric sensor works flawlessly without a battery, and that the watch's aesthetic design is important to our watch partners. ”

men's smart watches

Hong Kong-based Tappy is currently working with a number of major watch manufacturers – including Timex, Mondaine and GUESS – to add touch-free payments to their straps. It also works with a number of banks to enable them to offer wearable payment belts and other devices to their customers.

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