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How About Retro Watch Design?
Oct 12, 2018

How much is the retro element of the watch?

     Maybe everyone will think of fashion when they hear it retro, but today's Xiaobian world is going to tell you the retro of the watch industry. We may see some retro in the classic models of the replicas launched by some brands. Elements, these elements have been left behind by the remarkable features of the past era, and they are presented in a modern watch, showing a rich retro flavor.

Retro element one: moon shaped hands

The pointer with a hollowed-out eccentric "moon shape" tip is used by many famous watches. This slender and elegant hand was designed around 1783 and became popular after the end of the world. The Breguet pointer is simple and easy to read. It is usually made of blue steel and elegantly crossed the hour mark on the dial. The design of the eccentric month highlights the romantic and meticulous feelings. It is different from the ordinary hollow circle design. It has a taste and is also a must-have feature of many treasure watches.

	retro watches

Retro element two: orbital minute scale

The classic style of many brands is the use of orbital minute scale elements, in addition to the iconic square case, minimalist dial design, Roman hour markers and sword-shaped blue steel hands, the track-based minute scale is also an essential element. One of the legendary series has been constantly presented in a variety of ways over the course of decades of development, and the use of vintage elements has allowed it to exude unique tastes forever.

Retro element three: 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock second hand

Many people may find that the design of the 6-point second hand is not difficult to see, and many models will appear, but some models do not have the inherent retro characteristics. For example, the chronograph is usually designed for the central chronograph second hand. Design the second hand at one of the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. The 6-point second hand with true retro features is for simple functions instead of chronographs. The simple central time-division display feature opens up a 6-point small seconds design that is truly retro.

It can be seen from the contemporary retro models that there are two positions that most often appear in the small seconds hand - 6 points and 9 points. The reason is also quite elaborate. In the pocket watch period, in order to prevent the damage of the mirror, the cover is often externally placed. When reading the time, the cover needs to be opened. Considering the optimal reading angle of the vision, the 6-second small second disk is considered to be the wearer. most suitable. Then with the development of the watch, the material of the watch is more sturdy and no longer requires special protection of the cover. Then there is a layout where the small seconds are placed at 9 o'clock. It is also carefully compared. , the result after design.

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