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How Long Your Mechanical Watch Can Go?
Oct 10, 2018

It may be that many people have no idea how long they can go after the watch is full. Everyone will not ask the clerk how long the power reserve is before buying the watch, especially the automatic mechanical watch. Everyone wears a daily routine for a whole day, and the watch keeps going, in case it is not worn one day. The watch is stopped, and the time is re-adjusted and then manually turned a few laps and it is OK again. Therefore, there is no concept of power reserve for mechanical watches.

Our common brand watch uses the ETA2824 movement, with a power reserve of 38 hours and a full day and a half chain. The ETA2892 has a power reserve of 42 hours, while the new L888 has a kinetic energy storage of 64 hours, which can take two and a half days. If you are young and active, then the ETA2824 is completely mobile. If we sit at our desk all day, it is recommended to choose a slightly longer model. We should know the movements before we buy the watch, and then check if the power reserve is enough.

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In general, a long-powered watch refers to a power reserve with at least 3 days, which allows the wearer to not touch it at all on the weekend, and waits until Monday to continue walking. This watch is the most worry-free. Everyone has to eat and brush their teeth every day to sleep, is it troublesome to turn the crown in 3 days? It should be okay. What's more, now many of the power to do 72 hours of the movement is automatic, if you do not change more than 3 watches within 3 days, there is no problem that the power reserve is not long enough.

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