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How Much Does A Casual Watch Miniature Camera Cost?
Sep 11, 2018

With the development of modern technology, casual quartz watches have more and more functions, and watch miniature cameras are one of the most popular products. Some people who love the men's watch or women's watch may have heard of a miniature camera inside the watch. In fact, it is said that such a lightweight and portable watch miniature camera is very popular because it is not big and will not be easily used by others. Found. The casual watch miniature camera is very powerful. Many people are curious about the price of such a watch?

A. Watch micro camera price

The price of casual watch miniature cameras is different in all major e-commerce websites. Some merchants even have a price difference of several hundred pieces. In fact, the price of watch miniature cameras produced by manufacturers is similar. The average camera casual watch  is 300 yuan. Left and right, of course, a little better to spend thousands of dollars, depending on the different brands and styles.

B. Watch camera use precautions

1. About the battery. As the usage time increases, the battery working time will be shortened. It has not been used for a long time, please fully charge before use.

2. File security. This product is not a professional storage device. It does not guarantee the integrity and security of internal storage files. Please back up your important files on your computer or other storage devices.

3. Recording quality. This product is not a professional recording device, and does not guarantee that the effect of the recorded files can meet your expectations.

4, working temperature. Under normal circumstances, the sport casualwatch camera should be used at 0-40 °C.

5, shooting illuminance. When used in a well-lit environment, do not point the camera directly at a strong light source such as the sun to avoid damage to the optics.

6, cleaning requirements. Do not use it in an environment with excessive dust density to prevent the lens and other components from being contaminated with dust and affecting the camera. The lens can be gently wiped with lens tissue or eyeglass cloth to keep it clean.

Nowadays, many people feel that it is rather cumbersome to go out with a camera. If there is a small and compact camera, it would be fine. Watch miniature cameras can meet everyone's requirements. In addition to mobile phones and cameras, the function of the watch camera is also very good. The watch's miniature camera enables people to watch time and take pictures.

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