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How To Select Men's Watch?
Oct 16, 2018

We all say that looking at a man's attitude in buying a watch can tell his values. Buy the watch that best suits your taste at the most acceptable price. Start with your own position and buy a watch that you can afford.

1, can match all your dress style watches


select men's watch

A watch can't meet all your needs. At this time, you can buy a watch that can be used for any occasion. It has a common function, and you can choose some simple models according to your dress code. In Xiaobian's view, a formal or business form is more suitable, basically suitable for any occasion.


2, choose universal wild watch material - metal material


The reason why the metal material is a versatile model is because the material of this color can mix most of the colors, so the metal material is wrong.


3, the preferred choice of skin material for the skin


First of all, you need to know what kind of material your skin color is suitable for. Don't just match this watch with your clothes, so you will be very passive, and the watch will not look good on your hands. However, if you don't know the color of the material you choose, Xiaobian recommends a white or black leather strap that is perfect for any skin color, but for men, it is better to recommend black.


4, choose the classic watch


5, buy a sporty watch with high cost performance

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