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Mechanical Engineering Institute Of Zhangzhou Vocational And Technical College Organized Teachers To Visit Hengli Electronic Co., Ltd.
Jan 04, 2018

   In order to further improve the technical skills of professional teachers, on the afternoon of January 3rd, the secretary of the College of Mechanical Engineering Huang  Ahai and dean Ye Kai led all the professional teachers of the institute to visit and study in ZhangZhou HengLi Electronic Co., Ltd.

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   ZhangZhou HengLi Electronic Co., Ltd. is one of the top companies in Fujianregion for Watch&Clock industry. Our major products include:quartz watch,electronic watch,mechanical watch and clock, which export to Europe,USA,South Asia,Africa,South America,and over 160 countries around the world. 

    During the visit, the principals of Hengli Electronic introduced the company's development history, product development, design, manufacturing, and sales to the teachers. Relevant staff led teachers to visit the Fujian Horologe Museum,showed and explained to them the historical evolution of time management. Then they led the teachers to visit the company's watch production workshop to understand the production process and technology.

    During the visit, the staff of the company answered the questions and doubts of the teachers one by one. Finally, the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as the development of the mechanical industry, the demand for talents, the cultivation of teachers’engineering practice abilities, and the cooperation between production, teaching and research.

visit China watch and clock company and supplier.jpg

   This visit to the company has built a good learning platform. The teachers have made great achievements. They all agreed that professional teachers should visit the enterprises more, reduce the distance between teachers and  enterprises, and promote the integration of teachers' teaching concepts and corporate needs.

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