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Should The Military Watch Be Cheap?
Nov 15, 2018

Last week, the highly anticipated Zhuhai Air Show officially kicked off. This is China's most concentrated display platform for aviation, aerospace and marine equipment. In this air show, a number of excellent domestic military equipment were stunning. Debut, let countless military fans boil.


Many people may not know that military demand, especially military demand during the war, is one of the most important driving forces for human scientific and technological progress. The computers, networks, nuclear technologies, and so on that we use so far are all born out of military needs. Of course, the watches we care about the most are no exception. In the military contest, a precise and durable, powerful watch is very important for soldiers, and many well-known brands have historically supplied watches for the military.

However, unfortunately, the first reaction to the military watch today is: skinny, concise, rough, tough, cheap... as if the military watch must be cheap. The formation of this impression is not without reason. Most of the original military watches are from large-volume military orders. This requires that the watch must be simple in process, common in parts, easy to maintain, so as to reduce procurement. And maintenance costs.

But everything is changing, and the impression of this moment needs to change. With the development of history, many of the original military watches have gradually evolved from military equipment to fashion decoration, and even stepped into the hall of luxury goods, from the muddy trenches into today's Champs Elysées.

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