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Successfully Developed The Details Of The Wrist Watch
Dec 07, 2018

1. Have all kinds of unused materials and use expensive and complicated steel. Precious metals, stainless steel, ceramics, mother-of-pearl and gemstones... down to cheap plastics in ordinary institutions. Material selection is an extremely important part of the process of making great works.

2. Have your own laboratory. Hengli set up a laboratory not only to develop new watches, but also to continue to improve the watchmaking process. Note that in different environments, it is an opportunity to test and improve the watch.

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3. All movements are assembled and tested by hand. (In addition to the steps that the human hand is not suitable for assembly. In order to ensure the quality of the precision timepiece, we do not count the cost and the extra time required, and choose to hand the watch to the official certification. The movement is not only a work of art, but also an extraordinary miniature. Creation, combined with a variety of shapes, shapes, volumes, colors and surfaces, some of the finishes are polished, and some are rounded, making meticulous.

4. Most precious metals are manufactured at home. We can control every other link, so that we can train lean people in every aspect, give full play to our strengths, and strictly select various materials for the watch. The materials used in each movement splint, gear, pinion, and the elements of the case, strap or surface are carefully selected and periodically re-evaluated to ensure optimum performance and aesthetics. .

5, has a sophisticated watchmaking equipment. Compared to other watchmaking factories, Hengli has more sophisticated, advanced watchmaking machines and a watchmaking philosophy: to maximize the machine and labor.

6, very strict security measures. Whether it's a branded watch or an OEM watch, every watch is rigorously manufactured, assembled and transported, ensuring that the watch is perfect from manufacturing to delivery.

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