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The 18th Geneva Watch Grand Prix Was Unveiled
Nov 22, 2018

On November 9th, the "Geneva Watch Grand Prix" will be held here. The Geneva Watch Grand Prix (GPHG) is known as the Oscar of the watch industry and is characterized as the "highest podium in the world of watches and clocks". Based on the Swiss watch capital, it collects competition watches for the world, taking into account the different regions of the world to the greatest extent. The representative's perception of the clock.

swiss watchmakers

The "Chief Traveler" program group will follow the brand's amnesty, international judges, and celebrities to participate in this big party of watchmakers, and feel the uniqueness of the award-winning timepieces. At that time, Chang Wei, the founder of Shijitang, Xiao Xiao, the president of Wanbo, and Shao Qiliang, the founder of Xiyue, will also be invited to explore the history of Swiss watches.

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