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Designer Watches For Men ,Alarm Clock And Wall Clock
Mar 26, 2018

Three Horologes Designed By Our Company Won The Blue-Ray Cup Award Once

Office Desk-Antlers Wall Clock.jpg

Title of WorksOffice Desk-Antlers Wall Clock


【Creative Description】


        In today’s career life,office desk is a place where we stay for the longest time!Therefore,the layout and environment of office desk have a great influence on us!

        We may often encounter such a scene that there is no place to put our keys or employee ID cards and so on.The inevitable embarrassment is that we need to look for them for a long time after work because of every different place we put.

       According to this background,we design the antlers wall clock.It has a mignon shape,and can be hanged on baffles of office desk.It not only has the function of clock,but also can reduce the use space of desktop!What’s  more,we can  place our keys when commuting to avoid the above embarrassment.In a word, it combines decorative function with practicality.

Creative Clock“Call to Arms”.jpg

【Title of Works】“Call to Arms”(Clock Works)


Creative Description


        In the age of information,mobile phones provide people with countless convenience and troubles.People with different ages are addicted to mobile phones coincidentally regardless of time or environments.Teenagers and children in school age are addicted to mobile games and chat,which not only does harm to their sights,but also affects their studies.


       The designer creates the clock works named“Call to Arms”with exaggerated and humorous personification.Its implied meaning is arousing people by calling loudly-especially teenagers,to urge them to make the best of mobile phones,cherish time and sights,and study hard.

Chinese Ancient Time Watch.jpg

【Title of Works】Chinese Ancient Time Watch

Creative Description

Our ancestors divided nychthemeron into twelve periods,and every period had two hours.Twelve 2-hour periods are unparalleled and created

by the ancients according to the law of the sun rises and falls,and their regular routines after their summarization.

Kindness,righteousness,propriety ,wisdom and trustworthiness,are Confucian five virtues.They are throughout the development of Chinese ethics,and become the core factor of Chinese value system.

The works adopt index of twelve 2-hour periods, to manifest and promote the wisdom of ancient Chinese. The watch dial adopts deep press pattern with "kindness, righteousness, propriety , wisdom and trustworthine-ss", meanwhile to publicize traditional ethics principles and embody the idea of harmonious coexistence.

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