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Time Texture Of Wooden Craft Watch
Dec 07, 2018

For the use of wood craft in the field of watchmaking, most of them make a fuss on the dial. If the wood craft of Bentley is really fine on the macro, then the wood craft in the watchmaking field is the microscopic calculation.

Fashion Wood Grain Watch

Last year, a brand built a brown bear watch with original wild color using the fine wood inlay technique. As a matter of fact, because the color and texture of the brown bear itself is similar to that of natural wood, and the color is single, the brown bear image created by this process is more easily matched with the wooden color texture.

Similar to the craft, the time series of the giants also shines in this field. In 2011, the wooden craftsmanship inlaid cheetah watch selected precious hardwoods such as maple, walnut and blue dragon wood. Wood source. The production process also starts from the image, but the difference is that the cheetah pattern of the giant family is scanned and scaled to the dial size for subsequent production.

Another brand from the dial to the watch case, from the watch to the clock, is a wooden craft, and it is dried up with wood. We can clearly see that this tourbillon watch has a strong musical color. And unlike other wooden watches, it already has obvious traces of artificial dyeing, because of this, the purity and richness of color can be achieved.


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