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Watch Clock Terminology
Oct 18, 2018

Watch clock terminology (English / French / German)


Verge escapement(Échappementàverge/Spindelhemmung)

Axle escapement

The early escapement that emerged in Europe in the 14th century, also known as the crown-wheel escapement, consisted mainly of a "crown wheel" shaped like a Western crown as an escape wheel, with its convex teeth and " The two "columns" on the "shaft" are engaged. At the time, the mechanism was used in a large mechanical clock, and the "regulator" was a "swing rod" with heavy objects at both ends, which was located at the top of the "shaft".


watch clock terminology


The number of swings of the governor of the watch in unit time

Virgule escapement(Échappementàvirgule/Kommahemmung)

Hook-type escapement

Born in the 18th century, its main feature is that it has a cylinder standing on the wheel surface on each escapement tooth, and a hook similar to the hook in the hollow tube of the balance shaft.


The timer used for metering time and easy to carry is generally composed of three parts: the movement, the case that protects the movement, the dial and the indicator indicating the time.

Waterproof (Imperméableàl, eau/Wasserdicht)


This word is usually marked on the bottom cover of the case to indicate a certain waterproof performance.

Water Resistance(Résistanceàl,eau/Wasserbeständigkeit)

Waterproof device

That is, the case, the crown, the watch, etc. are all waterproof and dustproof, and can maintain a certain waterproof function in the specified depth of water.


Heavy hammer

Actuator that relies on gravity to drive the mechanical operation of the watch


A circular mechanism that rotates around a shaft in a timepiece movement. Its function is to transmit power or operate in conjunction.

Winding-mechanism (Remontoir/Aufzug)

Upper body

a general term for a device that can act as a spring

Winding-stem(Tige de remontoir/Aufzugwelle)

Upper shaft

Through this device extending from the movement, the clockwork can be tightened to maintain the motive force required to travel.

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