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Watch Market Launches Intellectual Property Activities
Dec 10, 2018

On December 7th, Shenzhen Watch and Clock Matching Market launched the special activities of respecting intellectual property rights and maintaining business environment. This event will be the key activity of intellectual property protection activities in Shenzhen Watchmaking Market in 2018, and will continue until the spring of 2019. The activity is divided into two major blocks:

1. Conduct centralized training on intellectual property rights to market merchants.

General Manager Dong Weisen answers the questions that are easy to encounter in the protection of intellectual property rights.

During the event, the watch market will conduct market-oriented training for market merchants, and provide unified training and answers to the intellectual property infringement problems that merchants may encounter in the daily operation process, and inform merchants to respect intellectual property rights.

watch and clock market

At the same time, the watch market also strengthened the training of market merchants' intellectual property laws and regulations. The manager Lin Jianhong of the market conveyed the latest intellectual property laws and regulations of the government to the merchants, and focused on the easy-to-touch regulations in the regulations.

Second, through the market to post banners and shop propaganda to create a market environment that respects intellectual property rights, and strive to build a benchmark for intellectual property protection in Shenzhen.

The protection of market intellectual property rights is inseparable from the market environment. Over the years, the Shenzhen watch and watch market has been focusing on the construction of intellectual property protection market. By posting banners, merchants visit to inform the importance of intellectual property protection and form a sense of market intellectual property protection. Everyone knows intellectual property rights, everyone respects intellectual property rights, and everyone does not infringe intellectual property rights.

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