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What Watches Can Add Value?
Sep 25, 2018

Q: What watches can add value?

A: Up to a million, down to a thousand dollars, 99% of the watches will not appreciate, don't always look forward to relying on playing with the table to make money, even if the watch king Patek Philippe offers you the option, there is very little real appreciation.

New watch friends often harbor such a mentality, bite their teeth and spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy a watch, while sitting and waiting for appreciation. In fact, these tables basically do not have the conditions for appreciation.

The expensive watch that really appreciates, most of the watchmakers are generally unable to ask for advice. It is not a thousand yuan, 10,000 yuan of mass production, the rare thing is the most basic collection principle, mass production of automatic watches means that the market inventory is sufficient, does not exist Scarcity.

SYM080107 框.jpg

Don't always think about the good price in the second-hand market, the second-hand water depth, the orphans or limited editions of other people's books, or the fakes are obscenity. After summarizing, I will probably get the following formula:

High-precision watch investment

≈Good economic foundation (anti-risk ability)

+Professional speculators' opinions (easy to be fooled)

+ Good luck (how difficult it is to meet a good watch)

If you want to increase your wealth through investment, it is best not to choose a watch and do something else.

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