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Why Are Large Dial Watches Popular With The Public?
Sep 03, 2018

1、 Once you choose a large dial, it is difficult to look back.

Perhaps many people have the experience that after using a large-screen mobile phone, it is no longer difficult to accept the narrowness of a small-screen mobile phone, and so is a watch. Once you start wearing a large-sized watch, and then look back at the small dial that you couldn't put down, you will feel that the watch is too small to seem to be missing something, and even think it is not worthy of the present.

I have seen the boldness and functional innovation of the big dial watch, and the comfort and compactness of the small dial seem to be insufficient. Therefore, watch fans' repurchase rate for the big dial is much higher than the small dial, and this purchase behavior is almost irreversible. This also explains why the size of the hot-selling models of major watch brands has been relatively large in recent years.


2、 modern taste

In the late 1990s, actors such as Schwarzenegger and Stallone attracted a lot of media attention. Because the role of the tough guy they played was good enough, it also directly affected people's choice of buying a watch - falling in love with the tough guy's exclusive big dial.

The watch is considered to be the only ornament for men, so people will prefer to choose a larger size, more able to set off their masculine watch. Secondly, not only men, but with the popularity of the fashion circle "BF Wind" in recent years, women began to like neutral, independent, and can blur the weak side of the single item, such as the big boyfriend shirt, oversize T-shirt.

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