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Why Did The Watch Start To Develop In Large Size?
Sep 03, 2018

The size of the watch has always been a problem entangled in many watch fans before buying a watch. Over time, more and more large dial watches have appeared in our field of vision. In the late 1990s, men's watches were mostly 37-39 mm in size and rose to 41-44 mm in a few years. Today, we can see many 45-48 mm (or even larger) watches. It can be seen from this change that watches of large size are becoming more and more popular, and this change is not only for men's watches, but also for women's watches.

big dial watch

1、Respond to market demand

Many watch enthusiasts often cause controversy on the size of watches. Some people think that the small dial looks soft and weak, more like a watch worn by a lady or a little boy; some people think that the big dial is stupid, as if the wearer can't wait to show off.. It can be seen that people still have a lot of enthusiasm for the topic of watch size.

But in fact the size is relative, there is no really good or bad size. If your wrist can be worn with a 42mm watch, you don't feel "big" when you feel comfortable. Size doesn't matter, the most important thing is right.

Therefore, the birth of the large dial, one of the factors is to respond to the needs of some thicker, physically strong people, after all, there is demand for the market.

2、 the improvement of mechanical watches

In the late 1980s, Swiss watch brands wanted to upgrade the positioning of mechanical watches to luxury goods at a cheaper price and more accurate quartz watch impact. People pay more attention to the wearer itself, not just reading. Utility.

So the design and quality of the mechanical watch began to improve, the design is more diverse, the function is more and more complicated (date, perpetual calendar, two places, time, month), so the watch needs more space to accommodate these popular Timepiece function. The new movement created by the brand also relies on the extra space available behind the large dial.

The increase in the overall size of the watch stems from the higher pursuit of function and appearance. The watch is no longer a single reading tool, it also offers special features for other specific scenes (such as diving, flying, sailing, etc.), fashion-related decorative styles (such as vintage, business, sports, etc.) and the most intuitive viewing. value. Therefore, the increasing demand for complex technology of watches has contributed to the continued popularity of large watch sizes.

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