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Will Someone Wear A Mechanical Watch In The Future?
Aug 22, 2018

Now the concept of smart watches is getting more and more popular, it seems that no matter what industry companies want to mix. Among them, the growth of smart watches is particularly fast. The industry has also heard the voice of "smart watches or will declare the disappearance of the mechanical watch industry."

 the smart watches factory

Has the end of the mechanical watch arrived?


A watch friend said: "I can't imagine how the mechanical watch can continue to dominate in the face of so many functions and high practicality of the smart watch?"

But at the same time, some friends have put forward a tit-for-tat view: "Some people have forgotten a key issue, that is, the mechanical watch has long been sold is not a function. The poor play technology, the rich play art. It can be said that the current intelligence Watches are technology, and mechanical watches are art."

But some people say: "Everyone has different ideas. I wear clothes that are almost the same every day. They are trousers, shirts or T-shirts. At this time, the only thing that distinguishes me from others is my unique fashion sense. It's my shoes, accessories and watches. So I will collect some watchable mechanical watches to wear, which is about personal style."

The debate on this issue is destined to last a long time and it is difficult to get an answer.

Personally, I think that smart watches will give mechanical watches a huge impact in the low-end market, but it is still unrealistic to replace mechanical watches in the higher-end market.

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