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Would You Choose To Rent A Watch?
Sep 25, 2018

There are now some platforms dedicated to online services for men's luxury watch rentals. Members can rent 3 watches worth about $10,000 per month for $249, and $459 for monthly rentals of high-end brands. For $899, you can rent three expensive "Art Appreciation" watches. After the rental is completed, the watch needs to be returned to the platform for cleaning, and then it will be provided to other members for wearing.

luxury watches for men

The watches offered by the company are well-known brands. This platform allows you to wear high-end watches without spending too much money, making your dreams that look more stylish become reality. But just last week, the platform suddenly "disappeared", the webpage could not be opened, and the relevant person in charge could not be contacted, and no new content has been released since June.

It is said that due to operational problems, the company began to gradually close its business from mid-June 2018 and recycle the rental watches.

There are now some luxury short-term rental platforms around the world. Question: Do you choose to rent luxury goods through these platforms?

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