Rubber Resistant Multicolor Clock

This Rubber Resistant Multicolor Clock features a silicone design that not only prevents breakage, but also protects the movement and cushions when it falls to the ground.


Rubber Resistant Multicolor Clock

CLock Description

This clock features a silicone design that not only prevents breakage, but also protects the movement and cushions when it falls to the ground.


Basic Info of Rubber Resistant Multicolor Clock



Indexes:Arabic numerals in the same color as the clock face

Dial:Monochrome printing

Hand:white plastic material

Applicable area: Areas prone to earthquake disasters

Applicable people: people living in areas with frequent earthquakes or people who are easy to fall, such as children, babies

Function:display time



Packaging of  Rubber Resistant Multicolor Clock

Blister packaging:Blister Card packing /BC packing/blister packing

Process:bronzing/hot stamping

    pray-paint/spray painting

   process printing/off-set printing/silk printing

Other packaging:polybag/bubble bag/inner box/master carton

运动表使用方式 待p.jpg

Q.How to maintain the watch?

The watch's crystal can be divided into synthetic crystal glue, mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal glue has a slightly poor abrasion resistance and is easily scratched. When the impact resistance is strong. Sapphire crystal glass is highly resistant to abrasion, but the material is brittle and most afraid of violent impact. Mineral glass is somewhere in between, but the daily normal wearing of the mirror surface is not easy to produce obvious scratches, and will not affect the wearing aesthetics, please rest assured. Pay special attention to the impurities contained in diamonds, magic stones, nail files, flower nets, concrete walls, etc., so as not to hang on the surface.

Q.Why buy watches should pay attention to the size of the watch store?

Should choose the old-fashioned watch store, have a good reputation, and have a certain scale. In this way, more choices of brands and styles can be guaranteed. The larger the watch store, the larger the range of natural selection. The most important thing is that you don't have to worry about the closure of the watch store and affect the after-sales service.


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