Black Silicone Watch Strap

This Leather Watch Strap 20mm is Comfortable and versatile, it can be used for a variety of watches, different styles of watches.Our MOQ is 1000.There are 3 colors for choice.


Silicone Strap For Watches

Product description

Selected high quality siliconeIt is made of high-quality and environmentally friendly silica gel. 
It is soft and comfortable and has no odor. 
It is seamlessly welded with a head, and the tail is smooth and not scratched.
It is soft and breathable and comfortable to wear. 
Stainless steel strap buckle High-quality stainless steel strap buckle, simple and safe to use, beautiful and stylish.
Ordinary flat headConnection watch case of lead for common flat mouth,can external various kinds of connectors,small watch can match most of watches.

silicone strap advantages

Product Parameters of Silicone Strap For Watches

Name: Silicone BandBuckle Type: Double snap buckle
Base material: Environmentally friendly siliconeBand Width: 18mm-24mm
Band Line Color: Orange/Black/Deep BlueGloss level: matte
General Interface: FlatBuckle color: siliver or black

Size Chart of Silicone Strap For Watches









	silicone strap black watch

In general, the smaller the handle, the less difficult it is to operate, especially when winding, it is inconvenient. However, the stainless steel material and the relatively large crown are better in terms of use and life. In order to ensure and extend the sealing and waterproof performance of the crown, some watches will be placed outside the O-ring inside the crown and a wire hoop.

For general gold-plated watches, it is recommended to apply a little transparent nail polish to the surface to reduce the friction and contact between the crown and wrist skin. It is often an effective way to ensure lubrication and waterproof performance by adding a little silicone oil between the crown and the head of the case. If the stainless steel crown does not need to be deliberately please pay attention, but when buying a watch, it is best to choose a large watch.

For the crown of a watch with diamonds or gems, be careful not to drop the watch on the floor. If there is a broken watch, when you are repairing, you should repair the watch shop master and open the watch to avoid hurting the diamond.

Imagine if your watch has a problem, the watch's adjustment time and waterproof performance will be affected at the same time. Therefore, Wanbian World Xiaobian reminds everyone that when you find that the watch has not been found due to loosening, please replace it in time so that it will not cause more damage to the watch. Another phenomenon is worth noting. The 18K white gold watch will wear off the enamel coating on the head for a long time, and the watch will show yellow slightly. This is normal.

black silicone band

If you have any preference for the black silicone watch strap, please rest assured to buy the cheap watch made in China with our factory. As one of the leading suppliers of various watches in China, we also offer the customized service.
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