Stainless Steel Watch Bands

This Leather Watch Strap 20mm is Comfortable and versatile, it can be used for a variety of watches, different styles of watches.Our MOQ is 1000.There are 3 colors for choice.


Stainless Steel Watch Bands

Product parameters

Name: Big five beads all light solid stainless steel strap

Brand: None

Item No.: Big Five Beads

Color: Silver / Black / Full Rose Gold / Rose Gold / Gold (other colors are custom)

Size: 20mm/22mm/24mm/26mm

	stainless steel watch band links

Features of Stainless Steel Watch Bands

     - fully polished

     -Stainless steel butterfly clasp

     -Universal flat mouth

     -26mm large size spot

     - Multi-color spot

Size Chart of Stainless Steel Watch Bands




silver / black / gold / room / full rose


3.5mm96gsilver / black / gold / room / full rose


silver / black / gold / room / full rose
26mm185mm3.5mm110gsilver / black / gold / room / full rose

stainless steel watch band 18mm

Daily maintenance rules for watch belts

The so-called 3S principle refers to the use of a skin-compatible lotion, a soft wet cloth, and a natural air-drying of Soon. Normally, try to avoid contact between the strap and the water. If you accidentally get wet, try to wear it after air drying to avoid stinking. When sleeping, it is best to put the strap in a ventilated place and let the cortical cells open to breathe. The winter strap has a high degree of hardening, and it is easy to have a curved shape. At this time, do not fold back, so as not to damage the cortex. In addition, the dust on the strap can be wiped with a clean cloth with a little water and then air-dried in a ventilated place.

If the belt has been worn for a long time and the smell of sweat is very heavy, use a small brush with a little soapy water to quickly clean the dirty area, then rinse it off with clean water, dry it with a dry cloth, and finally apply some leather. The oil can be used (if the skin is sensitive, it is recommended not to use any oil on the back). The whole cleaning process should be completed within 10 to 20 seconds to avoid the penetration of soap and affect the cortex. The maintenance of the belt watch is really not a difficult job. As long as you care a little more, you can let your love watch prolong life. Why not?

	stainless steel watch band black

If you have any preference for the stainless steel watch bands, please rest assured to buy the cheap watch made in China with our factory. As one of the leading suppliers of various watches in China, we also offer the customized service.
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