Business Wrist Watch For Men

Business Wrist Watch For Men

This Business Wrist Watch For Men is a combination of rose gold and black color, and the studs are white. Make the whole table look less dull. The strap of the watch is made of alloy.


Business Wrist Watch For Men


This watch is a combination of rose gold and black color, and the studs are white. Make the whole table look less dull. The strap of the watch is made of alloy.

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Description of Business Wrist Watch For Men

  • Brand:custom brand

  • Display Type:2 hands

  • Case:Rose Gold

  • Gender:Men

  • MOQ:1000

  • Logo:custom logo

  • Watch Movement:Quartz Movement

  • Glass: Mineral Glass/Sapphire Glass

  • Crown : Copper/Stainless Steel

  • Water Resistant : No/1ATM/3ATM/5ATM

  • Watch Test : ROHS,CE ,REACH

Cooperation with Decathlon.png

Cooperation with Decathlon

Enamel glaze variety

Before we start the technical section, let's talk about the varieties of glaze available. There are two classification methods: they are classified from the appearance of their heat or their melting point.


The opaque glaze completely covers the underlying metal dial. For example, it is often used for the coverage of all-white dials. Translucent or transparent glaze, like stained glass, makes the underlying metal chassis clearly visible. The cream glaze is a cat-eye effect in view of the opaque glaze and the translucent glaze. In addition, there are transparent glazes and glazes. Transparent glaze, also known as "gummy" (this has nothing to do with the chocolate dessert we often say, just want to emphasize the flexibility of this glaze.), used on the dial as a protective layer, or before other glazes use. It can be used for gold blades, tin foil sheets to fix space, and can also be used to fix and coat certain sheet-like objects. This is the definition of such glazes. The color glaze combination arrangement may produce a large number of different decorative effects, which are caused by the fact that the metal oxide reacts and discolors during the firing process. You can mix different glaze powders, but the results you get are not necessarily consistent with those of conventional colors. For example, ruby red is obtained by reacting white glaze powder. Therefore, the result of mixing different glazes will be different depending on the reaction of different metal oxides in the kiln. It is for this reason that we need to do a lot of experimentation.

We need to be very clear about the melting point of the glaze, which can be divided into: fusible, medium fusible, refractory and super refractory. These glazes react differently to heat. Usually the master craftsmen will start experimenting with super refractory glazes, because they are more refractory, then try them down in sequence, and try the glaze until the glaze is more likely to melt.

Different kind of Business Wrist Watch For Men

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Blue Strap Business Watch

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Black Dial Business Watch

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