Digital Watch With Nylon Strap

Digital Watch With Nylon Strap

This Digital Watch With Nylon Strap is a men's electronic watch with a nylon strap that is exquisite and durable. There are night lights in the night to help you watch the time. It is a stylish electronic men's watch.


Digital Watch With Nylon Strap


This watch is a men's electronic watch with a nylon strap that is exquisite and durable. There are night lights in the night to help you watch the time. It is a stylish electronic men's watch.

digital nylon watch

Basic Info Of Digital Watch With Nylon Strap

Brand OEM

digital movement

Case MaterialAlloy/Plastic
Case Size37.00*37.00mm
Function Time,date,timing and so on
Back cover304 stainless steel
Dialblack screen
Screen Size22.00*22.00mm
Handno hand
Buckleordinary buckle
Crownno crown
Band Nylon strap
Band Width20mm
Packageopp bag

Packaging & Delivery of Digital Watch With Nylon Strap

Packaging Details:    Bubble bag or other customized package

Delivery Detail:    Shipped in 40~60 days after sample confirmed.

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Metal strap maintenance

The material of the strap is divided into metal straps, including precious and non-precious metals, as well as leather straps. For watches with gold-plated case straps, it is recommended to wear them only in summer or in winter. Tungsten steel straps are protected from impact and excessive pulling forces. K gold or gold-plated straps, to avoid contact with mercury-containing chemicals, usually wear jersey gloves, and more surface wiping. Some white gold-plated straps are rhodium-plated and should not be polished. Otherwise, the base color will turn yellow.

The precious metal strap is the most common in 18K gold. The color of K gold is white and yellow (white gold, yellow gold and rose gold). In addition, the most high-grade is platinum, which is the most Luxury and expensive watches. K gold (including gold-plated) watches are most afraid of exposure to mercury-containing (mercury) chemicals, including certain cosmetics and topical medicines. Once they are stained, they will discolor on the surface, become smeared, and lose the luster of gold.

Due to the soft texture of the K-gold chain, it is easy to cause scratches when subjected to impact or improper touch. In addition, the traffic noise in the living, the chlorine in the swimming pool or the sweat in the human body will make the K gold watch discolored. Keep the strap dry and carefully put it on, while the high-hardness titanium or high-tech ceramic watch should also be careful to avoid impact or drop. After all, hardness does not mean that it is invincible.

It is necessary to regularly check the pins and spring bolts between the strap sections and the shell band to prevent the occurrence of pick-up or wear. If it is often pulled out, it must be trimmed or replaced in time. The strap discount part is the most prone to problems, which is also related to wearing in peacetime. When opening and closing, the action should be gentle.

When wearing a watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has better corrosion resistance. The semi-steel case is copper. It is touched with sweat for a long time. It should be used frequently. Wipe off the sweat or put on a plastic watch to prevent it from being corroded by sweat.

If the metal strap is wet (water, sweat, etc.) and is not handled, it will rust easily. Metal rust or dirt is likely to smear out of the seams and even cause skin irritation. Therefore, after removing the table or water, remember to dry the seams with a cloth and put on. In addition, the diving watch can be washed with water after landing, and it is easy to cause damage by using chemical agents.

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