Metal Strap Watch For Ladies

Metal Strap Watch For Ladies

The Metal Strap Watch For Ladies's dial is square, the case is thin, the strap is bamboo, and the watch movement is a quartz movement. It is a stylish quartz women's watch.


Metal Strap Watch For Ladies


The watch's dial is square, the case is thin, the strap is bamboo, and the watch movement is a quartz movement. It is a stylish quartz women's watch.

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Basic Info Of Metal Strap Watch For Ladies

Brand OEM


Case MaterialAlloy
Case Size27.50*27.50mm
Function hour and minute
Back cover304 stainless steel
Dialsilk printing
Hand2 hands
Buckleordinary buckle
Crownflat crown
Band Bamboo leather strap
Band Width20mm
Packageopp bag

Packaging & Delivery of Metal Strap Watch For Ladies

Packaging Details:    Bubble bag or other customized package

Delivery Detail:    Shipped in 40~60 days after sample confirmed.

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How to maintain the automatic mechanical movement watch? Pay attention to the following points:

Avoid vibration

Automated mechanical movements require an appropriate amount of activity in order to keep them in line and in normal operation (the movement may be slow when the wearer's activity is small, this is normal. Rotate the crown when first used) 30 times, the spring is initially wound.) Although the watch is shockproof, when the impact force of the outside is strong, the pendulum shaft tip or the wheel axle journal is easily broken, and the slow and slow needle vibration can also affect the travel time.


Although many watches are made of non-magnetic materials that are not easily magnetized, they are still not affected by the influence of magnetic fields. The magnetic buckle on the TV, the radio horn, the backpack or the purse may cause the watch to be affected by the magnetic field and may not be allowed to go.


Try not to bring your watch to swim and wash your clothes. If you accidentally get water, you can't pull out the watch to adjust the watch, but wipe it off immediately, and the sea water can't touch it. Even if it is a waterproof watch, it can only be protected for one year. Because the waterproof ring of the watch has been worn out for a whole year, plus sweat, dust and other inevitable external factors, it will be tired, so after one year. A new waterproof ring must be replaced, otherwise it will not have waterproof function. Since the head is relatively convex, try to avoid it being bumped. Also, pay attention to the gap between the head and the case. If it is too small, it will affect the operation, and the impact will not affect the waterproof performance.

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